1 February 2022

Thank you for trusting us with your care over the years here at The Women’s Center, pllc. We truly feel we have been given an amazing gift and honor by serving you all. Please know we wish you good rest, good nutrition and good exercise, our mantra for all these years!

Those wishing to see Dr. Sandra Sultan can reach her at (425) 417-1106. You will be connected to her directly. Please feel free to text her if you wish to reach her.


Big hugs from Dr. A, Dr. S, Edyta, Pauline, and Karen.

Additional details are below.


  • Mammograms can be obtained by your new doc directly; they will ask to sign a release of information form to wherever you had the study completed. Bellevue Medical Imaging has done most studies for us; their telephone number is (425) 454-1700, but we recommend your doc requests your records directly.

  • Labs and pathology results are always available to you on the labcorp.com portal; please open an account for full access to all those records.

  • Any operative reports or any procedures performed at Overlake Hospital can be obtained by contacting the hospital records department directly at (425)688-5000.


Any further records can be requested here. Please know there may be a copy/ administrative charge for records transfer.


Please use the link here or the payment button above for any payments that are due. Any questions regarding billing, or if you wish to pay by credit card via telephone, etc can be sent to manager@thewomenscenterbellevue.com.


We Thank You And Wish You Well!