Insurance & Payments

Insurance Coverage

Washington State law provides that women can choose any provider for their obstetrical and gynecological care without requiring a referral from their primary care physician.


Please note, coverage and benefits change from policy to policy. Most insurance companies list their customer service phone number on the member's insurance card to make it easy for you to contact them to verify your status. Payment for services is ultimately your responsibility.


Here are some tips that can help you when you are contacting your insurance company to verify your coverage and benefits:

  • Make sure you tell them which doctor you have an appointment with and verify that the doctor is covered under your policy.

  • Be clear about what you are being seen for, whether it's an annual check-up or you have specific concerns to discuss with the doctor, or both. Not all policies cover preventative care (annual check-ups).

  • Check whether or not you have a deductible and check to see how much of it you paid or what is left to pay for the calendar year.

  • You may be asked to pay the full office visit amount at the time of the visit if your deductible is not met.

Insurance Plans We Work With  

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shields

  • Cigna

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Kaiser (must be part of the First Choice Health network)

  • LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

  • Premera Blue Cross

  • Regence Blue Shield

  • Uniform Medical

  • United Healthcare


If your insurance company is not listed, or you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please call your insurance company for clarification of your plan's coverage.




After we receive payment from your insurance company we will mail you a statement detailing the services provided and your final balance owed to us. If you have questions about your statement please use the Contact form. Questions about your coverage should be addressed to your insurance company.


Payment is due upon receipt of your bill. Late fees apply after 15 days.


Payments can be made by mail, in person, over the phone or online.

Additional Fees

In an effort to maintain transparency and provide superb care, these are some administrative fees associated with completion of non-medical services. These are services which are not covered by health insurance and will be your responsibility.


  • Paper or disc copies of medical record

  • Completion of forms not needed for medical record (life insurance, family medical leave, employment)

  • Late charges for unpaid balance after 30 days

  • After-hours phone consultations with your doctor will be billed directly to the patient at $65 per call. You can then possibly obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. This service is outside insurance company contracts with this office.